W. P. Carey is an Internationally Ranked Business School

In 2003, William Polk Carey donated fifty million dollars to the business school of Arizona State University. At the time, this grand donation was the second largest sum of money ever granted to a school of business within the borders of the United States. The gift that Carey made was pledged through the W. P. Carey Foundation. The more than generous donation led to the University deciding to rename their business education program.

Keegan Andrew Duffy MinnesotaThe gift resulted in ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business. After the name was changed, more change came along that the benefited the University’s education program greatly. The prestige of the school grew under their new name. They were able to hire a faculty that became highly rated. The research completed became widely recognized. The supply chain management program became one of the best in the country. As the school grew in stature, their recognition became worldwide. The Shanghai Jiao Tong University would recognize the great program of W. P. Carey, and would later publish it to be 22nd in the world for economics and business in its Academic Ranking of World Universities.

The school of business has more than ten thousand undergraduate students and one thousand graduate students. One of the students to graduate from this school is Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota. Deciding to change his career path, Duffy chose a great University to kick start his path forward. At W. P. Carey School of Business, Duffy earned a Master’s degree in Information Management.

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