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Three Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

Entrepreneurial skills is a set of skills that anyone can develop if they are passionate, have ideas, enjoy working with others, and are hard working. Succeeding as an entrepreneur is not as easy as developing entrepreneurial skills though. Every good entrepreneur has failed at one point and is likely to fail again. The key is never to give up. Here are three other tips that may help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

Keegan Andrew Duffy MinnesotaDelegating work is an important skill to develop but is difficult to master. It’s understandable that you want to be in control of all aspects of the venture you are pursuing. You have to be able to trust other people and delegate the work. The easiest way to develop trust is to surround yourself with people that are skilled in areas that you know nothing about or are weak in. This will make delegating easy and effective.

Be open to the open that you work with, collaborate with them, communicate with them, and mingle with them. Every successful business venture started in a work environment that was open and friendly. These types of environments encourage other people to contribute and put forth ideas that tend to be good. It’s okay to rely on other people at times.

Get off your desk, turn off your laptop, and ignore your phone for a bit. You need to network, meet people, and broaden your horizons if you wish for your business venture to succeed. The more people you meet, the more people will know about your ideas, and the more likely you are to succeed.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota founded the Duffy Contracting Company in Minnesota after he graduated college. He was self-employed the first five after he graduated and recently made a career change to the Information Technology industry.

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Benefits of Self-Employment Right Out of College

Self-employment seems like a stressful and less reliable way to create an income right out of college. After graduating college, you will likely be looking for employment that provides job security, some benefits if you’re lucky, and a salary that you can live off of. To many, self-employment does not make them think of job security, benefits, or a decent salary. Those people are wrong, and there are many advantageous to being self-employed, especially if you are a recent college graduate.

First and foremost, you will spend less money if you are self-employed. You could potentially work at home meaning you avoid driving every day and, therefore, spend gas money. If you choose to work elsewhere, it’s likely that you will choose a location that is close by, minimizing your driving. You also will spend less money on lunch because you can make lunch at home.

Self-employment is an excellent resume builder. If you are a recent graduate, it’s likely that you do not possess much work experience and, therefore, fewer skills. If you are self-employed, you are present with a challenge every day and are forced to learn something new and develop skills. Self-employment fosters creativity and reinforces entrepreneurial skills. Later in life, future employees will like these qualities. If you choose to stay self-employed for most of your life, the experience of self-employment will benefit your customers.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota founded and was the sole propriety of Duffy Contract Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He started the company after he graduated from North Dakota State University. He provided management services to companies in the manufacturing industry.

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The Power of Higher Education

Education is supposed to be an investment in your future, right? Taking out loans, going to class, performing well, and most importantly, learning the skills you’ll need to carve out a career in your industry of choice is all part of that investment in yourself and your future. Many people expect to get a good job right out of undergraduate college, but find the job market tougher than they thought. This is especially true of recent college graduates, who have entered in a post-recession era plagued with higher-than-normal unemployment and depressed markets even after the economy has officially pulled out of the recession. One option for college graduates who are still looking for work is to go back to school to earn a higher degree.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota

Graduate school can be a great option for those looking for more opportunity within their selected industry, or if they are looking for a new career altogether. Graduate school can be the ultimate redefining moment that you need to flourish in a rewarding career. Getting a higher degree can be risky for some—graduate school is expensive, and most students need to take out loans and work while they attend—but it pays off if you can land a new job with your new degree. Workers with graduate degrees earn much more than those with undergraduate degrees on average.

Keegan Andrew Duffy of Minnesota went back to school to learn how to be a better Information Technology project manager. He recently graduated and has taken his career as an independent contractor to another level.

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